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Mission Statement


We are called to equip our families, friends, and communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Core Values

Our core values are: M.A.C.E.R.  


Our vision is to reach out to the millennial generation.  The millennial generation are those born in 1980-2000.  The millennial generation is the largest generation in history with over 78 million (1).  They will be the one influencing our businesses, educations, politics, and even our churches.  Since it is a growing generation, God has place upon our hearts to equip this generation to know and live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are to model the love of Jesus Christ to all the generations before and after.



The Gospel is God's gift to everyone. God's grace and mercy is freely given to all who trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Gospel Hmong Baptist Church is made up of broken people who were restored new by Jesus. We welcome all who are hurt, lost or broken to our church. We believe Jesus can make new what was once broken.



The church is not a building but a community of believers. God created this community as a body of Jesus Christ, to encourage one another in support and in prayers. The community brings accountability and affirmations. We believe that we are most effective in our teachings through our relationships with each other in the community. Lastly, we believe that our service can be maximized by serving together as a community.



The Great Commission is our heartbeat! It is our mission to make known the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that the Great Commission may come to fruition. We empower every members to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ by teaching and living out the Gospel. We strive to help equip our members to make a difference in their homes, workplaces, educations, and communities.



We do not follow traditions, cultures, or the influence of our society.  Instead, we follow the teachings of Scripture. We believe that God's Word is the absolute truth.  Therefore, everything that we do is filtered through Scripture. From our activities, sermons, and worships, we ask the question, "What does the Bible say?"   



(1) "The Millenials" Thom Rainer

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